Wine Lover Gift Guide - 10 Unique Ideas

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Wine Lover Gift Guide - 10 Unique Ideas

Scientists have proven: giving gifts brings people more joy than receiving them. As holiday season starting to approach, we are all struggling with picking the gift for our beloved which they would love and won't exceed the budget. Wine Is Life Store team suggested the list of products that they would love to receive as a Christmas or Birthday gift.

  1. Bottle of fine wine. (20$-35$)
    No secret that wine lovers would love to get wine as a gift. if you don't know much about wine, don't risk and buy the first option available in your local store. We all know wineo can be sometimes hard to please :). The best you can do is ask them in advance what kind of wine is their favorite. Find a wine store in your neighboorhood and ask the salesperson to recommend the best option available within your price range. Don't buy wine in a supermarket: most likely you won't get professional advice on the wine choice.
    And don't forget about cute Wine Bottle Gift Wrapping

  2. Unusual shape decanter. (29.99$-55$)
    Wine decanter is not just a fancy way to serve wine. Wine lovers know that decanter is a must-have tool that aerates the wine and helps to expose its hidden aromas and flavor. As a gift, choose not traditional shape wine decanter, like, for example, Horn Wine Decanter, or Curly Wine Decanter.

    Wine lover gift ideas - Wine Is Life Store  Horn Wine Decanter - Wine Lover Gift Ideas


  3. Bottle Opener (Corkscrew) with the case. (17$-23$)
    Corkscrew is the most important tool. For y present, Wine Is Life Store experts recommend choosing the one with the case. It looks elegant and can be stored anywhere. A great option for a wine lover who enjoys picnics or travels a lot.

    WIne lover gift guide - Wine Is Life Store


  4. Charcuterie Board (26$-140$)
    Any wine lover knows: wine snacks and food pairings are extremely important. Charcuterie board is something any wine drinker would love to have: great for serving cheese, ham, fruits, vegetables or anything that compliments the wine.

    Charcuterie Board - Wine Is Life Store Gift Ideas  Charcuterie Board - Wine Is Life Store


  5. Wine Thermometer (14$-18$)
    The easiest way to achieve an optimal wine temperature is to use a wine thermometer. Check out the LED Wine Thermometer that has a wine scale on it.

    WIne Thermometer - Wine Lover Gift Ideas

  6. Unusual Bottle Holder (14$-60$)
    Physics or magic? Who wouldn't love this creative Ribbon Wine Bottle Holder? Pair it with a bottle of nice wine and you have a gift no one would resist.

    RIbbon Wine Bottle Holder - Wine Is Life Store


  7. Corkscrew Container (15$-40$)
    Who doesn't collect wine corks? How about using a stylish container or a vase?

    Own Wine Cork Container - Wine Is Life Store  Wine Cork Vase - Christmas Gift Ideas  Guitar Cork Container - Wine Is Life Store gift ideas


  8. Wine Bottle Travel Case (30$-40$)
    Make sure your wine bottles are safe. Wine Bottle Suitcase is a great gift for a wine lover who often travels to vineyards or other wine destinations.

    Wine Travel Bag - Wine lover gift guide

  9. Wine Tool Set (15$-30$)
    You can't go wrong wine tools or gadgets. Who wouldn't like this cute wooden barrel? Or maybe you prefer classic design: wine tools in a round box?

    Wooden Barrel Tool Set - Wine Is Life Store  Wine Tool Set - Wine Lover Gift Guide


  10. Funny T-shirt (17$-29$)
    Wine lover might look like very serious people. In fact, they love having fun too! Check out these funny t-shirts

    Wine T-shirt - Wine Lover Gift Guide  Wine T-shirt - Christmas gift guide  Funny Wine T-shirt - Wine Lover Gift guide


Thank you for reading Wine Is Life Store blog. We have a small surprise for you: use code GIFT10 at the checkout to get 10% off any of the products listed above. Enjoy!

    Do you have any questions about other gift ideas for a wine lover? Freel free to contact our team - we would be happy to assist you with the choice.


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