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How to Taste Wine

Source: Wine Enthusiast 
Great tips on wine tasting: learn how to sample and evaluate like a sommelier. The article teaches you how to 'read' wine by its appearance, smell (aromas) and taste. Understand the basic steps in wine tasting that will help you to explore wine worlde and find your perfect red or white.

Grape expectations: how to find the best-value wine

Source: The Guardian 
In Wine Is Life Store Blog we have already discussed simple tips on how to pick the best wine available at your local grocery store. Learn from the guarding experts how to choose best-value wine and not overpay. What are the key factors you should consider when purchasing wine? Does the price play an important role when it comes to wine shopping?

5 Tips For Discovering New Wines You'll Love

Source: Forbes 
It's never too late to start exploring the wine world, there are so many great wines out there. Are you afraid to try out something new? Don't worry! This Forbes article summed up great tips on how to find your next favorite store wine. 

Should you let your kids drink wine, like the French? Here's the truth about underage drinking

Source: The Telegraph
How many articles on how wine benefit your health have you read? We bet plenty. There are indeed various advantages of wine drinking, but can it be good for underaged? How can wine consumption harm kids?


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Everything You Need to Know About Merlot

Source: Wine Enthusiast
Merlot is one of the most popular red wines. Learn more about this great red: what does the name stand for, how is the wine produced and how you should serve it. 

The 6 White Wines To Try To Help You Understand White Wine

Source: Vinepair
Are you exploring the world of whites and not sure where to start? Here is a quick white wine guide for you: the most common white wine types, their flavors, origin and more.

The Ultimate Guide To Rosé Wine

Source: The Wine Society 
Rosé wine becomes especially popular as the weather gets warmer. Some wine lovers believe that Rosé wine is the best choice for a sunny day. Learn how this wine is being made, how to pair rosé with food and other tips from wine professionals.
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What climate change means for the wine industry

Source: The Guardian
Climate change is a hot topic of discussion nowadays as it affects all areas of the economy and society. Although some wine-producing regions may be benefiting from the warmer weather, some are suffering as the soil becomes too dry. How can climate change affect the winemaking industry and will it affect the end consumer?

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The History of the Wine Bottle Corkscrew

Source: Julio's Liquors
How often do you use corkscrew? For a wine lover, a corkscrew is a must-have tool not only at home but also in the car, for wine emergencies :) Have you ever wondered how this wine gadget was invented and what's the history behind it?

What are Stemless Wine Glasses?

Source: Wineware
Have you been wondering why stemless wine glasses are becoming more popular in the wine society? There may reason for this trend: stemless glasses look modern and are more functional.


Choosing the Right Wine Decanter For Your Needs

Source: Winefolly
Do not underestimate the power of wine decanter. If you are not yet familiar with this amazing (and stylish) wine gadget, we highly recommend that you educate yourself on the types of wine decanters and what are they used for. 

What is a Charcuterie Board: 10 Tips for an Easy Wine Pairing Appetizer

Source: Wine Country Table
What is charcuterie board? How to style and how to pair best wine snacks?