Accessories & T-Shirts

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Stylish way to make a statement with your outfit. Accessoiries for true wine lover.

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All Time Favorites

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Wine Is Life Store Customer Choise

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Champagne Accessories, Glasses and Tools

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#MoreBubblesLessTroubles  Explore must-have accessories, tools, and glasses for Champagne lovers.  “Come quickly, I am...

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Charcuterie Board

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"Food and wine. Decide which is the soloist, which the accompanist" - Michael Broadbent Wine...

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Christmas Gifts and Accessories

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Christmas Accessories and gift ideas for wine lovers

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Corkscrews & Openers

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Life uncorked Must-have wine gadget: stylish and unusual wine bottle openers and corkscrews for...

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Reusable Straws

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We support an eco-friendly alternative to disposable straws. Make your contribution to reducing plastic...

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  Autumn SALE just started! Shop this best-selling wine tools and accessories before they...

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Stoppers & Corks

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Keep your wine fresh and decorate your favorite bottles with the most unusual bottle corks, stoppers...

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Wine & Champagne Glassware

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“A gourmet meal without a glass of wine just seems tragic to me somehow.” ― ...

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Wine Coolers & Ice Buckets

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"I would like to have a glass of warm Sauvignon Blanc" - no one...

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Wine Decanter & Aerator

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Both old and young red wines need to be decanted. Explore our collection of...

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Wine Lover Gift Guide

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Everyone loves receiving gifts. But nothing can be compared to the feeling of giving...

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Wine Lover Home Decor

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Details matter: stylish lamps and chandeliers that wine lover lovers cannot ignore. Decorate your...

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Wine Lover Summer Must-haves

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It's time to upgrade your wine game and get ready for summer. Check out...

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Wine Racks, Holders, & Storage Solutions

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Some glasses and bottles are not meant to be kept in the cupboard. Wine...

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Wine Tool Sets

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Must-have wine gadgets and tools: all in one place. Explore the variety of tools...

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