A Must Read Wine Tips for the Wine Newbies

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A Must Read Wine Tips for the Wine Newbies

There are numerous considerations to take into account when choosing a wine. Don't just randomly store your wine somewhere or choose a random bottle of it in your local grocery store. You must know what you're doing in order to get full enjoyment out of your wine. These small tips will definitely help and will help you to improve your wine drinking experience!

Attend wine tastings

Attend wine tastings! These events can be a lot of fun and can expand your horizons in your wine experience. This can even become a social event or a tradition inside your family or with friends. Invite others that also enjoy wine to come with you. You may just be able to enjoy your hobby while making friendships stronger by doing this. Isn't it amazing?

Before visiting the winery, learn a bit about what wines they offer, grape varieties, and history of the winery. Don't be afraid to ask questions. It is normal not to know everything about winemaking or wine tasting. After all, everyone has a different taste and can smell different aromas and flavors.

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During the times of lockdown and Coronavirus, a lot of wineries offer online wine tasting events or on-demand wine tasting webinars. That a great opportunity to learn about wine without leaving your own apartment, what a time to be alive!

How to store wine

To get more value and life from your wines, get a wine cellar. You cannot store some of the most expensive varieties out in the open or under a cupboard, so a wine cellar is a worthy investment to protect high-dollar collections. A wine cellar can prolong the life of your wines.

If you are not looking to invest in high-end wines and age them, a simple dar cupboard or rack would work for storing the wine. Make sure to find a dry dark spot and don't forget to keep the cork wet! It is important to store the bottles horizontally. Luckily, there are numerous options of wine racks available on the market. Check out the wine racks we are offering at Wine Is Life Store.

Temperature matters

Enjoy your wine more by serving it at the correct temperature. Red wines are best when they are served at about 60 degrees. Chill your wine to 58 degrees first. White wine should be served at approximately 47 degrees. Getting them too warm or too cold can make them taste dull. (Learn more about optimal wine temperature)

Below you can find a useful table based on the Wine & Spirit Education Trust recommendations regarding the wine temperature:

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Choose right glassware

You should not drink reds and whites in the same glasses. White wines are best served in a narrow wine glass, which keeps air away from the wine with its smaller opening. Wide glasses are preferable when you are serving red wine. This allows more air into your glass to let the wine warm up, aerate, and boost the flavor. For newbies into the wine world, we recommend purchasing wine glasses with a large bowl. These types of glasses are perfect for aromatic white wines, young red wine that need aerating, as well as sparkling wines.

Choosing wine for a party

If a tailgate party is on the horizon, and you plan to bring wine, consider a screw top bottle. These tops are much easier to remove than the standard corks. They are convenient because you can re-seal them, where as corks have a tendency to leak. Although many think that screw top indicates low quality wines - this is not true! Screwcap technology is improving all the time. With a bit of time and experience you will be able to find a great wine for you.

How to age wine

There are many types of wine, and not all should be aged. You must conduct some research into whether your wine will stand the test of time, even if stored correctly. Bordeaux is a wine that often ages well. As a rule, wines under 30$ are meant to be drunk immediately and are not suitable for aging. If you are curious to learn more about wine aging, we suggest reading the following article.

Choosing wine in a restaurant

Choosing wine in a restaurant can be quite intimidating. Think outside the box when you are presented the wine menu at a restaurant. First, try to find the wine or grape variety that you have tried before. If the menu is completely new to you, don't be afraid to improvise. Buy a wine your guests will not recognize, so as to impress them. They won't know what the wine will be like and they won't be surprised by the price either.

The more you know about wine, the more you will enjoy drinking it. At Wine Is Life Store, we believe that learning wine is an ever-ending process. Don't be afraid to ask a question your fellow winos or wine experts. Apply what you have learned, and you will slowly see yourself making wise choices when it comes to wine.


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