Great wine snack ideas that are super easy to make and do not involve a ton of ingredients

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Wine Is Life Store team offers weekly simple wine snacks ideas that do not require exotic ingredients or special cooking skills. Don't be afraid to experiment with your wines and wine pairings. What's your favorite wine snack recipe? Share it with us! Don't miss out any wine snack recipes - connect with us on Wine Is Life Store official Instagram page #WineIsLifeStore

Salmon Mini Sandwich

Ingredients you need is:

  • Salmon
  • Baguette (preferably fresh, if you have a bakery in the neighbourhood)
  • Cream cheese
  • Avocado🥑
Salmon Avocado Sandwich - Wine Is Life Store Recipe

Slice the baguette, spread the cream cheese, cover is with slices of salmon and finish it with avocado. Done! The receipt is super easy and you don't need to be a chef 👩‍🍳 to master it 😉.

Wine Pairings:

This mini sandwich goes great with white wines, especially Sylvaner (the grape mainly grow in Alsace, France and some parts of Germany). 


Burrata Cheese & Fresh Vegetables

Burrata is semi-soft cheese, originated in southern Italy. From outside, it looks like mozzarella, with the soft cream inside.

Ingredients you need is:

  • Burrata cheese (can be purchased in grocery store and/or Italian store)
  • Cucumber, tomatoes, paprika or any fresh vegetables of your choice
  • Balsamic sauce
  • Olive oil
  • Oregano seasoning
Burrata Wine Snack - Wine Is Life Store

Place the cheese in the middle of the plate and surround it with your favourite fresh vegetables. Don't be afraid to be creative here😉. Top it with a spoon of olive oil, balsamic cream. Oregano works great with burrata, some also like adding a bit of sault.

Wine Pairings:

Pair this simple wine snack with light bodied reds (Pinot Noir or Grenache).

Apart from being delicious, this is meal is also extremely healthy, low in calories and vegetarian🌿. Isn't it great?




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Salami Wine Pairings

Salami Wine Pairings - Wine Is Life Store

Salami is one if the most popular wine snacks and charcuterie board component. There is huge variety of salami available on the market. Which one to choose? How to pair different salami types with wine? Here's a short overview of the most common salami types from Wine Is Life Store:





  • Genoa Salami

Genoa salami originates from Italy. It is a combination of pork, beef and moderate amount of garlic.
🍷Pair Genoa salami with crisp whites: Pinot Grigio or Chenin Blanc.

  • Fennel

Tuscan salami made with fennel seeds or fennel liqueur. Can be both spicy and moderate spicy. 
🍷Spicy fennel salami pairs great with acidic wines, like Riesling.

  • Chorizo

Spicy salami made with paprika and can be distinguished by its red color. Gives light burn when you eat it. If you are not a big fan of spicy food, try to avoid this type of salami. 
🍷Hot Chorizo pairs well with light crisp Prosecco.

  • Molsina

Italian salami made with peppercorn and garlic.
🍷Since this type of salami is a bit spicy, try to avoid pairing it with full-bodied wines. Molsina pairs great with dry light pinot grigio or pinot noir.

Pesto & Shrimp Mini Sandwich

Simple wine apetizers - Wine Is Life Store

This is by far the easiest wine snack recipe you could imagine, notheless - super delicious. What you need is:

  • fresh bread or baguett
  • green pesto
  • grained parmesan (optional)
  • frozen shrimps
  • cherry tomatoes

Slice the bread and toast till to make it a little crunchy🍞. Spread the pesto and add a bit of grained parmesan on top. The parmesan is optional. If you are not a cheese person, feel free to leave it out.

The shrimps need to be fried for about 10 min🍤 (until they get pink) with olive oil. Season them with salt and oregano. Don't be afraid to experiment and add other spices.

Once the shrimps done, place one or 2 on top of each slice of bread.

Slice the cherry tomatoes🍅 and place them between the shrimps. Done! Bonn Appetit👩‍🍳

Wine pairings

The predominant flavor in this appetizer comes from the pesto and needs to be taken into consideration. Follow the rule “if it grows together, it goes together”. Pesto comes from the Italian region of Liguria. The common white grape there is Vermentino.

If you couldn't find this wine in your usual store, try to pair the sandwich with other herbal whites, e.g. Sauvignon Blanc.

In case you prefer red, try unoaked light wines, like young Pinot Noir or Beaujolais. Together with pesto, they make a great refreshing combination.