Mulled Wine Recipe - The Coziest Winter Drink

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Mulled Wine Recipe - The Coziest Winter Drink

Your new favorite winter drink

Mulled wine (also known as winter soup ;)) is super easy to make at home and is so delicious. It is a great drink for a cozy winter night under the blanket with a cup of warm mulled wine.

Mulled Wine Recipe - Wine Is Life Store

Mulled wine is a traditional drink at Christmas markets and ski resorts. There are hundreds of ways to prepare it (depending on the region). Here we are describing the traditional way to prepare red mulled wine. Let's start!


You will need:

  • A bottle of inexpensive red wine (don't go for anything fancy or above your budget. The wine flavor will change and we add ingredients)
  • Citrus: Oranges (or clementines) are classic, but if you like a little bit of experiment, feel free to add some lemons or limes
  • Apples: Although it is not part of the traditional mulled wine recipe, some do enjoy adding some apple flavor to the wine. It is totally up to you.
  • Cinnamon sticks: cinnamon is an essential part of mulled wine. Although the sticks look much nicer, you can also use the grained cinnamon.
  • Spices: to add aroma to the wine, you will need some cloves and star anise. 
  • Other spices of your choice (optional): depending on you where you can from or on your preferences, you might want to add some additional spices. For example, cardamon is a great choice for mulled wine  
  • Sugar (optional): it is not a must, but if you feel like sweetening up the wine, feel free to add the normal sweetener you usually use. Some also use honey. 
  • Extra liqueur (optional): this is totally up to you. If you feel like adding extra alcohol to your drink, feel free to improvise with Amaretto or brandy.


Once you have all the necessary ingredients, it's about time to start the 'cooking' part. Whether you are making it on a stove or with a slow cooker (yes, it is also possible!), the rule of thumb is NOT to boil the wine. Otherwise, you will boil off all the alcohol (unless it is your intention :) ).

Mulled Wine Recipe - Wine Is Life Store

You will need a standard size pot that would be just right for a bottle of wine. After you have sliced the orange (1 is usually enough) and half of the apple, mix all ingredients. Per bottle of wine, we recommend taking 2 cinnamon sticks, 4 anis stars, 5 cloves. Simmer everything for at least 15 minutes, or up to 1,5 hours to makes sure all those flavors and aromas come together into the nice blend. Make sure you do not boil the wine at any point.

Serving Mulled Wine

As a rule, mulled wine is served in transparent coffee mugs so that you can enjoy the color and the ingredients. When serving, feel free to add a slice of orange and garnish the wine with the anise star or cinnamon stick.  Don't be afraid to be creative.

If you wish to add a bit of extra alcohol to your drink, add a teaspoon of brandy or amaretto to the cup before pouring the wine into it. Feel free to add sugar or any other sweetener of the ready mulled way is too sour for your taste.

 Mulled Wine Serving - Wine Is Life Store

Have you tried preparing mulled wine already but not sure how to serve it? Don't worry! We have a great selection of stylish mulled mugs waiting for you at Wine Is Life Store. Check them out!


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