DIY Wine Cork Chistmas Tree

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DIY Wine Cork Chistmas Tree

Wine Is Life Store - DIY Wine Cork Tree Not sure what to do with your wine cork collection? Do a DIY Christmas Tree! It's not only a cute Christmas decoration but also a nice activity to spend time with your family and keep your kids entertained. After all, who doesn't love DIY projects :) ?

Let's get started. All you need for this project is:

  • Wine corks. For this tree, you need 15 wine corks. Feel free to add more if you would like to have a bigger Christmas tree.
  • Glue
  • Ribbon, robe, glitter and any other decoration you would like to add. Don't be afraid to be creative!
DIY Wine Cork Christmas Tree - Wine Is Life Store

Before you start, estimate the size of the tree you would like to make, count how many wine corks the first layer needs and how many corks in total you will need.

Start sticking together the first layer of wine corks. Leave it in a safe place and wait until it drys out. Don't stick the second layer right after - the cork might be shifted to the side and the Christmas tree will become crooked.

Wine Corks Christmas Tree - Wine Is Life Store

Continue until you reach the top. Once it's done, take a bigger wine cork (preferably from sparkling wine) and cut it in 2 pieces. Stick it to the bottom of the tree. Make sure the base cork is flat so that the tree doesn't fall.   

 Wine tools, accessories - Wine Is Life Store

the file step is the most interesting: adding additional decoration. Be as creative as you can. Feel free to add glitter, ribbon or anything that comes into your mind.

Once you finish decoration your cork Christmas tree, let it dry out completely and you are done. The tree is ready to contribute to your Christmas mood. 

Wine tools, accessories, gift ideas - Wine Is Life Store


We hope you enjoyed the process. Share with us your wine cork DIY projects of Instagram and don't forget to tag @wine_is_life_store :) 


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