Why switching to reusable drinking straws?

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Why switching to reusable drinking straws?

Bamboo Reusable Drinking StrawAs you might have noticed, Wine Is Life Store now offers new products: drinking straws that can be washed and reused. But have you ever asked yourself why you should start using them as well? Does it actually worth it?

Whether or not to replace disposable drinking straws has been widely discussed recently. Many environmentalists suggest that disposable plastic straws should be banned for good. Many shops and restaurant supported this movement and abolished plastic straws.

In the USA 500 million straws are being produced on a daily basis. Since they cannot be used twice, all of this plastic ends up in the ocean and remain there for over 200 years until it completely recycles.

Next time you are enjoying a cocktail or ice-coffee, please ask yourself: do I actually need to use the plastic straw?

Your small action can help to reduce the plastic footprint on our planet.

Of course, there are circumstances where using a straw is a hygienic necessity. Therefore, we have introduced various reusable eco-friendly straws in Wine Is Life Store. They come in different shapes and sizes. Each set includes a small brush, which makes it very easy to keep your straw set clean. Take the straw set with you whenever you go out and make your input for the environment.

Did you get your set of straws yet?



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