How to Pick Good Wine in a Grocery Store?

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How to Pick Good Wine in a Grocery Store?

Very often picking a good bottle of wine in the supermarket can be a challenge. What should you take into consideration: price, bottle design, country of origin? 

Wine Is Life Store invited a wine expert Dasha @the_wholewineyards to share some great tips with you. Here is a summary of the main criteria you can use to pick the best wine available at your local store:

  • This advice is suitable for anyone: when it comes to your local store, most probably you already have your favorite wine. Although at Wine Is Life Store we always encourage you to try out new stuff, buying the usual wine on your shopping list might not be a bad idea. If you are not up for any experiments, simply buy the one who has already tried several times.
  • When I (@the_wholewineyards) am making some kind of seafood dish especially with pasta, I always try to have good white wine, like a Crisp Oregon Chardonnay, or sometimes even a beautiful Nebbiolo! Those two you can never go wrong with for a great pasta dish combo.
    • Consider ABV. In other words, Alcohol by Volume is an important criterion to consider. If the ABV is higher then 13%, the wine has a rich stronger taste. The wine with ABV below 13% are usually lighter and might seem a bit watery to some. Depending on your personal preferences, pick the most suitable ABV.
    • Dasha @the_wholewineyards says that she always thinks about where she is going to drink the wine. "If I’m taking it home, I don’t mind staying in the $8-15 range because I have a great decanter from @wakeupwine that decants my wine in 5-8 mins, making me not wait and I can enjoy my wine right away". Using decanter can improve wine taste significantly. 
  • When it comes to purchasing wine from a grocery store, pay more attention to the origin of the wine, not the grapes. Climate and geography play an important role in wine quality. Moreover, some origins have more strict quality regulations compared to others. Professional sommelier advice to pick Spanish. In Spain, the wine goes through a thorough check and quality control before being sold.
  • Try to ignore the price tag. Of course, we do not encourage you to buy the cheapest option available as it might not be the best. Same can be said about the most expensive bottle of the shelve: nothing can guarantee that the wine will be good. Stick with an average price and of course consider your personal budget. 
  • Buy local wines. Depending on your location, try to choose wines that are produced locally. They might have the same price tag as imported wine, but the price is not affected by the cost of logistics. As a result, it is likely that you get a better quality wine.
  • And the last thing I think about when purchasing wine is who I’m drinking with. Company is extremely important! If I have someone over that knows a thing or two about wine, I’m going to go out of my way to bring a nicer bottle. Why? Because we’ll have even more to talk about, because as wineos go, we’re all similar and enjoy our swirling, sniffing and looking at a fine wine before tasting it.  

Picking a good bottle wine either at a supermarket or specialized wine shop can be tricky sometimes. In order to make the right decision, you need to consider various aspects. Wine Is Life Store team advise you to simply to out new things from your local grocery store and stick to the wine you loved the most.

In order to avoid disappointments, we recommend storing a couple of emergency bottle at your home mini-bar. Nowadays there are plenty of stylish bottle holders and shelves available at the stores, that not only keep bottle organized but also sever as interior detail.

And of course, the wine is best enjoyed when it served in a nice glass. Many of our customers believe, that the wine flavor changes depending on the accessories it is served with: stylish bottle corks, glasses or coolers.  

Share with us your secret tricks for picking high-quality wine.

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