Does The Temperature Matter?

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Does The Temperature Matter?

Anyone who enjoys high-quality drinking experience would agree that the beverage temperature plays a major role in the spirit flavor. The serving temperature of each drink varies depending on personal liking. However, it is sometimes tricky to intuitively figure out the right thing to do when it comes to serving our favorite beverages.

What is the right temperature for your beverage?

Is Goldilocks principle applicable when it comes to alcohol?

Following expert advice helps to expose the truly unique flavor for various kinds of beverages and their bases. Wine Is Life Store experts summarized the most popular liquors and the temperatures they need to be served with.


Wine Is Life Store Bog Optimal Spirit TemperatureServing wine at the appropriate temperature helps to release the wine flavor.
Professional sommeliers recommend serving red wine at 62°-68°F. In other words, room temperature is suitable for red wine. If the wine is too warm, it might taste too sweet or too bitter and lose the original flavor.

Of course, there are exceptions to any rule. One of our customers visited the Alsace region in France, which is famous for its wine. Contrary to popular opinion, the Alsace red wine is served cold.

When it comes to white wine, the experts recommend cooling it down to 49°-55°F. Therefore, white wine becomes more popular during hot summer days. White wines tend to have high amounts of acidity and taste crisper when served chilled. This rule applies to Rose wines as well.

Champagne & Sparkling Wine

Traditionally champagne or sparklin wine is served in a ice bucket to make sure the temperature is right. Experts say that the best temperature is 47°-50°F. Do not serve it too cold: the flavour will become numb. 


Wine Is Life Store Whiskey Glasses and CupsThe flavor of whiskey is best revealed when it is served at room temperature (62°-68°F). Of course, if you live in a hot country and room temperature is above 68°F, feel free to cool down the bottle before drinking. Some people prefer adding ice-cubes, but adding ice comes under the cost of destroying some malt's flavor notes.

If you do enjoy your whiskey cold, check out the collection of beverage coolers. They do not melt inside the glass and will not dilute your favorite whiskey with water.


Borbon recommended serving temperature is the same as for whiskey: 62°-68°F. Please do not say that these two drinks are the same, whiskey lovers won't appreciate it :)


Unlike drinks we described above, vodka is best served cold. Many of us keep a bottle of vodka in the freezer to eliminate burning flavor, although the founder of Grey Goose Francois Thibault says it is a big mistake. Serving vodka freezing cold will disguise its true hidden flavor notes. Mr. Thibaul recommends cooling bottle of vodka down to 32°-39°F, especially when it comes to a premium beverage.

How do you measure your beverage temperature? Wine Is Life Store team found a simple solution, which will help you enjoy drinks at its best: Digital Beverage Thermometer. Simply put it on the bottle and the small sensor will measure the temperature!

Only for our blog readers: if you purchase thermometer, use BLOG10 code at the check-out and get 10% OFF!


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